BeiJing L-Filtration Technology Co., Ltd is a company which not only providing technical solution, but also doing international trading. The main products carried by L-Filtration include water filtration equipment, oil-water separator, filters, oil supplying system. Furthermore, L-   Filtration provides related technical support, like design of oil/water treatment system, dirt control system, and provides relevant technical  support. Her products and services can be utilized in metal industry,  power industry, petrochemical industry, electronic industry, food industry and so on.

  L-Filtration focuses its effort on environmental protection. With the shortage of water resource worldwide, more and more people realize the importance of recycling water. L-Filtration's products are used   extensively in cooling water, waste water applications, not to mention  for drinking water and municipal and industrial waste water.

  L-Filtration is a flexible company, running by a group of talented professional people equipped with latest technical knowledge.

  L-Filtration is dedicated to
  # Delivering quality cost-effective products/service to meet the  customer's requirements
  # Providing prompt and professional service and support